“A Special thank you to all the staff at the Belvedere Care Home for their care and compassion”
– Mrs. G’s family
“Thanks to all of you for the love, support, and care you gave mom over the last two years. She cared about each and every one of you and told me often there was nowhere else she’d rather be.” 
– Resident family
“Thank all of you for your support and kindness… his quality of life was amazing… will not forget the care he received.” 
Resident family
“This is a beautiful Place- you do the most important job in the world.” 
– Supplier
"I am the Medical Coordinator for Belvedere Care Centre and have functioned in this capacity since 1999.....The facility is wellorganized with high quality staff. The nurses provide a high standard of care and act appropriately to meet residents' needs...There is clear and open discussion regarding any changes in protocols or other aspects of care. The overall management of the facility results in a friendly, caring atmosphere... I am pleased to be associated with Belvedere Care Centre...."
- Dr. A Ladhani, Medical Coordinator
"I have been associated with Belvedere Care Centre for fourteen years....The consistent and diligent focus on what is best for the residents continues to be first and foremost."  "In my 26 years of clinical experience as a pharmacist I have served hundreds of nursing home beds. Belvedere Care Centre staff and management provide some ofthe best care possible for their clients." 
- Alan Glasser, Pharmacist, Mark's Pharmacy
I am most grateful to Belvedere Care Centre, especially to Operations Manager Ms. Annamae Clarke for her willingness to accept new challenges…
My 83 year old father-in-law was diagnosed with renal failure in late 2001 and had to undergo peritoneal dialysis at home every day…In early 2003 my mother-in-law became seriously ill also…I contacted a few care homes for my father-in-law but all of them declined to perform dialysis at the facility until I met Annamae at Belvedere Care Centre. She was very positive and arranged for her staff to attend training at the Renal Unit of Royal Columbia Hospital right away.
After my father-in-law moved into Belvedere his health improved greatly…
Eventually, my mother-in-law joined Belvedere in late 2003. Both my in-laws and my family find that Belvedere is nice and clean. Every staff member… show love and care to the residents.
My father-in-law passed away at Belvedere Care Centre March 2007. I am thankful to everyone at Belvedere and would have no hesitation in recommending this facility to anyone.”
– K.S.Tse, Certified Management Accountant

“I, as Pastor of Our Lady of Fatima Parish, want to express my full support for the construction and establishment of an Assisted Living and Independent Living complex Residences at Belvedere on Delestre Ave.
Several individuals and couples of our faith community have expressed a desire to stay together in a facility that could meet their particular needs…
I believe that support for our elderly and special needs adults in the Tri-Cities community is enhanced by the Residences at Belvedere.”
– Father Patrick B. Tepoorten, Our Lady of Fatima Parish -Local Church

Survey Team Comments/Observations
Clients “expressed considerable praise for the warmth of the staff”. “…staff would approach them (residents) to comfort them, give them a hug and ensure that they were alright”.
“…the services of the physiotherapist …highlighted as a positive addition” … “as well as the diversity of programs being offered”.
“The Staff are the true asset of Cherington Place and they go beyond their daily tasks which allows the family members the peace of mind that their loved ones are being well cared for.”
“Care conferences have excellent staff attendance allowing families a good overview for care and services.”
“The residents interviewed at the care centre felt the staff were great.”
“The family members described being warmly welcomed upon admission and the staff put them at ease with the processes to transition their loved ones into the care home.”

Staff Comments
“There is a feeling of community among the staff in each facility.” 
“They receive very positive feedback from family members.”

Partners (Schools, Medical Agencies & Suppliers) Comments
“The partners feel like a member of the team and are very supportive of the team members”. – “They are welcomed by staff”.
“The staff are friendly and helpful. Management is forthright and very welcoming of new ideas and suggestions.”
“The Operations Manager is very understanding and drives positive changes.”
“There is open communication and staff are very approachable. Teamwork is very positive.”
“There is positive experience for the students at the home and the staff provide good feedback.”